There are many ways that you can go see your favorite band and create a lasting memory, and then there are ways that you can go to a live concert and come back with a memory that you would rather leave behind. Most attend their first concerts when they are still young, and though you may be able to go on your own, you still have to be pretty smart to enjoy the show and stay safe. If you spend a lot of money to see someone, the last thing you want to do is to miss the show, forget the show, or even to get hurt while you are there.

A live concert is a great experience. If you can see your favorite artist live, it is really something that you may never forget. What you may not think about before you go is that you are not the only one going. You may understand you are going to be in a venue with thousands of other people, but if you have never done this before at a live concert, the reality of it is nothing like you may imagine. If you are short or young, general admission can mean that you end up hurt. There are always going to be people taller and stronger than you that will run you over to get up front. Opt for assigned seating if you can. It may not be the same as front row, but at least you will be safe.

If you have been to a live concert and think you can handle general admission seats, there is no reason why you should not get them. If you end up in the front, you can really have a great time. However, there are also things that go wrong all of the time. If you are into heavy music, you could end up in the middle of a mosh pit, which is dangerous, especially on a large scale. You can also be pushed so hard against the barrier in front of you that you get cracked ribs. Some people end up dehydrated and faint. It is much harder to be down there and much hotter than you may imagine. If you feel overwhelmed, get the attention of security so that they can get you out of there. If you can’t enjoy the live concert if you are hurt or if you pass out.

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